Actor Shyam And 12 Others Booked For Gambling By Chennai Cops, Let Off On Bail

CHENNAI: Actor Shaam and 12 others were booked and released on bail allegedly for gambling.

The Nungambakkam police received a tip-off on Monday night alleging that actor Shaam and his friends were gambling every day with money and other celebrities were involved too.

“Based on the tip-off, we went to his apartment in Sterling Road in Nungambakkam. We found them playing cards and some tokens were also found. So, we took them to the police station,” said Inspector Siva Kumar of Nungambakkam police station.

Shaam and 12 of his friends were booked under sections 45 and 46 of the City Police Act and let go on bail.

“We did not find any money with them. We checked the CCTV footage and found that there was no large scale gambling involved,” said the inspector.

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